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After spending a lot of time reading gardening and home improvement blogs, there have been many that have become my go to for new tips and ideas.

I wanted to share these favourites with you as they all play host to a wealth of knowledge, with new articles regularly posted. The topics covered are vast, including organic gardening, tips and tricks, decorating ideas and much more!

Here are my list of the top 30 home improvement blogs to inspire your next home or garden related project.

30. Building Moxie

This is the home improvement blog that shares a variety of information for DIYers and pros alike, as well as handy tips and tricks. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your home as well as maintain it, shared by blog writer JB. Each article is detailed and easy to follow no matter what your skill level is.

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29. Growing with Plants

Growing with Plants is written by avid gardener Matt. Up until recently, he could only garden in the spare time his high up corporate job allowed, but that has all changed! His garden has now become his full-time venture, and we get to follow along as he adjusts to his new lifestyle. His blog posts detail visits to gardens and garden centres, as well as his own garden and gardening tips for yours too.

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28. Curbly

Curbly is a community blog that is always being updated with new ideas and home improvement projects for you to try. The great thing about a community-run blog is the various viewpoints, styles, and ideas that are submitted from all sorts of people. The blog is also run by a team who write their own posts to add to the mix.
Each post is filled with images and easy to follow steps, making it a great place to look for your next project idea!

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27. Fix It Chick

Allison of Fix It Chick writes about design ideas for your home, as well as home improvements. From following her decking makeovers and maintenance to sharing her various tablescape ideas for every holiday and season, Allison injects some fun and personality into her writing.

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26. Homemade Food Junkie

Although the title suggests this blog is only food related, that’s not the case. Diane and Dave talk about the food they have cooked with produce from their garden, and in turn document their garden and organic gardening tips. They also stress the importance of supporting pollinators, a dwindling part of our important ecosystem. If you’re looking to read about more intentional living, definitely subscribe to this blog!

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25. Inhabitat

Here you can find lots of interesting articles on topics covering architecture, landscaping, design and new developments within these areas. The key reoccurring themes in their writing are technology innovations and anything pushing homes towards smarter sustainability. You’ll find regular updates on all topics giving you plenty of reading material. If you’re looking for an informed read, this blog is definitely the place to go!

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24. Kravelv

Kravelv covers a very broad set of topics relating to improving your home. With categories for design, DIY, improvements and even cleaning, there’s something for every homey reader! I love reading about their improvement ideas, but I definitely appreciate those cleaning tips. Who wouldn’t?

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23. Balcony Garden Web

This amazing gardening blog shares tips for those with small urban spaces. There are lots of informative articles to be found on hanging baskets, potted plants, vegetables and more.
They don’t just stop at balconies, however, but spread their content to cover small gardens, urban spaces and general gardening tips that can be applied to any space no matter what size. They even provide an image perfect for Pinterest with each article!

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22. Homey Improvements

James and Alicia are the couple behind Homey Improvements. On their blog, they share their home improvement projects and tips and tricks from ‘The Burrow’ (which they confirm is a Harry Potter reference). With them, you can learn about a variety of homey related topics, such as how to care for your animals, how to guides and new ideas for your home. They even talk about money issues relating to home ownership which is a must read!

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21. Decor8

The cleverly named ‘Decor8’ is run by best-selling author and journalist Holly Becker. She talks extensively about various aspects of design and the current trends, accompanied by stunning images to illustrate her topics. She has a very clean and bright theme running through her blog design and imagery, making for a very calming place to spend your time reading up on the latest design trends.

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20. Green Living Ideas

As the name implies, this blog is full of ideas for living greener. In fact, their goal is to help you make every aspect of your life greener, including your home’s energy and improvements. The blog is managed by Andrea Bertoli, along with other writers, who between them deliver quality articles on sustainability that get you thinking about your home in a different way.

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19. The Art of Doing Stuff

Karen quit her job in TV to start a blog, with the intention of it becoming her career. Years later, that’s exactly what it is, and the subject is her doing stuff. Mainly about gardening, decorating and fixing stuff. You’ll also find life stuff thrown in, like cooking and, as Karen herself says, “vomiting at Bikram Yoga.” This blog is so down to earth and personable to read, with the added bonus of some cool ideas for your home!

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18. At Home With Ashley

Ashley’s beautiful blog is a relatively new one to me, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to add it to this list! Firstly, her home is beautiful, as shared on her blog and Instagram. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering she is a trained Interior Designer. The imagery on her blog is beautiful and will definitely get you inspired for your own home improvements.

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17. Shawna Coronado

This self-titled blog talks about more than just the garden. It stretches into the food you can create from said garden, personal wellness, and a little bit of travel. Shawna talks you through becoming more self-sustainable and gardening organically, as well as other thoughts. If you’re looking for a blog to talk to you about more than just gardening tips, Shawna’s is the one to read.

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16. The Happiest Homes

As the name suggests, this blog is packed full of ideas to make your home the happiest it can be. Covering topics from home to garden, The Happiest Homes is always a great choice for tips and tricks to give your space the extra something it needs. The topics are divided into sections, making it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

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15. Brooklyn Limestone

Stefanie started her blog when she started renovating her 100+-year-old limestone home in NYC. The purpose of the blog was initially so she could document the transformation, but has now evolved to include design, ideas and smaller re-works to her home. The personality and originality of her home is obvious, and the styling is just as interesting to watch evolve.

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14. Simply Grove

If you’re looking for stunning imagery to inspire you and your home decoration, Simply Grove is the place to be. Each article is accompanied by lots of photos to give you lots of ideas of how you can take what they’re saying and make it happen in your home. Started by Kirsten Grove, an interior stylist, and now joined by three more lovely ladies who all have backgrounds and influences in photography, Simply Grove is a visual and beautiful blog to follow.

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13. Lark and Linen

Lark and Linen is written by Jacquelyn, former editor of Style Me Pretty Living. She left her role to pursue her blog more seriously and has come a long way since then. You can tell that she is an Interior Designer just by looking at her blog. Her digital space is just as beautiful as her physical one, both home to much inspiration for her readers.
On Jacquelyn’s blog, you can find tips and tricks, DIY’s, home tours and much more.

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12. IKEA Hackers

This website is a dreamland for those who love IKEA but also love DIY and modification projects. Jam packed full of ideas and projects direct from the community; there’s a whole range of things for you to get stuck into.
If you’re itching to make your IKEA furniture less cookie cutter and more personal style, this website is where you’ll find the way to do it.

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11. Love and Renovations

Amanda’s blog is truly lovely to read. The blog’s design is sweet and easy on the eyes, making time spent reading effortless. Amanda shares her DIY projects, decorating journeys and organisation tips. You can even shop her home! How cool is that?
I loved reading her journey with the Kon Mari method, and from it, she even wrote an eBook to help you along with your own journey.
This blog is definitely worth a read.

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One of the biggest DIY sharing websites, is the place to come if you’re looking for new ideas for your home, and this place is packed full of them! Browse articles written by the website’s writers, or projects uploaded by the community. Plus, their forum is a great place to get unbiased advice from fellow forum goers. If there’s something you want to DIY, this is the place to come to see if it’s been done.

Find on Twitter

9. The Happy Home Bodies

This inspiring blog follows the story of Jordan and her family. She writes about her IVF story and how her twins have changed her world, and her home. Take a browse through her amazing ‘Transformations’ section to see some of her work, then check out her tutorials for a whole host of projects you can embark on.
For a blog full of loving personality and kid inspired ideas for your house, Jordan’s blog is a must read.

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8. Erin Spain

Full of decorating and craft ideas, as well as DIY projects, Erin’s blog is the place that shows you that you don’t have to spend a tonne to create a beautiful home for yourself. The charm of her blog stems from the fact that Erin is not a professional, but is instead learning along with her readers. This gives a refreshing, genuine tone to her ideas and writing that any reader can relate to.

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7. Home Stories A to Z

Beth’s cleverly named blog follows her fun renovating and DIY projects amid her life as a Wife and Mum to her two boys Asher and Zephan (see? Clever!). She believes that anything she can do, you can do it too. Because of this belief, she loves showing her readers exactly how she goes about her projects so that you can set about on your own projects too. There’s bound to be a fresh idea for you to try!

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6. Rambling Renovators

This blog is full of beautiful imagery of writer Jen’s home, as she and husband Sean remodel and renovate it. The blog was originally dedicated to the improvement of a 1950’s home in Toronto, but recently they have moved to a new house from the 1960’s! This means you’ll be treated with lots of new ideas, makeovers, and photos to drool over.

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5. Sand and Sisal

Sand and Sisal is exactly what you might think it is; an awesome blog combining your home with the sea. Kim grew up by the sea and has managed to stay close to the coast throughout adult life. Her love of the sea is obvious in the home improvements and DIY projects she shares with her readers. The subjects she covers are fresh (like sea air, if you will) and full of great ideas for your home, garden, and even your kitchen!

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4. Funky Junk Interiors

Donna’s story is an amazing one. She restarted her life and furnished her house with literally nothing. That’s impressive! But how on earth could you manage to do that? Her blog details the journey to the present, where she now shares her knowledge of DIYing for next to nothing. Her projects are interesting and outside the box, and they’re all written up for you to join in with!

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3. Young House Love

John and Sherry head up this blog about their house renovation activities. With three house renovations behind them and a huge number of tips and tricks shared, theirs is one of the best places to go for fresh ideas. Each post features lots of great imagery and detailed depictions of their DIY projects. It’s lots of fun to read along with their journey as it progresses, and is a blog not to be missed.

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2. Pretty Handy Girl

Brittany is the woman power behind this blog that aims to break down the stereotype that ladies aren’t so great at DIY. This lady, for sure, is amazing at it! Her various posts about projects and other subjects are always accompanied by great quality images that make for an enjoyable read. Her instructions are always detailed and easy to follow, and her ideas are always interesting and unique!
If you’re interested in DIY, Pretty Handy Girl is one not to miss.

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1. Centsational Girl

Kate of Centsational Girl blogs about how to style your home in an affordable way, sharing creative DIY’s, smart home improvement ideas and inspiring designs. She even includes a whole section dedicated to the various projects she has completed, showing how you can create the same effects and results.
Kate’s posts are always a good read, with new and exciting ideas to try out alongside beautiful imagery. Centsational Girl should be on your subscribed list if you’re into home improvements!

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And that concludes my list! It’s full of amazing blogs that I can’t recommend you read enough.

Which out of these blogs to you follow? Do you remember the first one you started reading? Let me know in the comments below!

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