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Hello, my name is Emma. I’m a happily married mother of two living in a beautiful home in the English countryside.

I love watching houses turn into homes. Before my children, I was a qualified real estate agent – and I had the best time! Watching people buy new properties, seeing how some houses improve with extensions and renovations, and everything in between.

I was a full-time house Mum for quite a while but my love for home renovation and real estate never went away. Because of this, I decided to learn about property development. Now, after nearly 5 years of research and learning, I’m a part-time property developer, part-time Mum.

There are so many different ways to improve your home, no matter the size or age of the property. Let’s not forget the garden, as that’s part of your home too! I wanted to talk about all these various methods, and that’s the reason why I have started this blog. I think my husband will be grateful that I have a dedicated place to talk about it all!

I aim to write about the wide range of home improvements you can make, spanning from decorating, extensions, landscaping, right up to the all-new “smart home technology”.

I’d love to discuss your thoughts and opinions on all home improvements in general.