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There are so many different ways to improve your home, no matter the size or age of the property and that’s the reason why I have started this blog.


I aim to bring you:

Ideas For “Upping” Your Home’s Value

As a part-time property developer, one question I often get from friends and clients is: “How can I increase the value of my home?” If you’re planning to sell your house and wondering about how you can do the same, you will love my tried and tested ideas!

Tips For Making A Smarter Home

Would you like to spend less time on mundane tasks and chores, and let your home take care of itself? Thanks to the advent of smart home devices, you now can! Learn how to make your home smarter so you can spend more time on stuff that matters to you.

DIY Home Improvement And Repair Guides

Stuff around your home will break sooner or later, leaving you with two options. You can hire a professional to fix the issue, or get the job done yourself. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, my DIY home improvement, gardening, and repair guides will set you on the right path.